Barefoot shoes for women

Barefoot shoes for women


      Our Barefoot shoes stand out with unique materials that you’ll fall in love with at first wear, and this is confirmed by our customers’ excellent reviews. Barefoot shoes from our workshop suit wider feet too, and we will readily customise them to adjust to your size requirements. You can even think up your own personal colour combination. At LUKS Barefoot we focus on quality, with shoes that look like new even years later. If any problem arises, we’re happy to repair the shoes for free or send a new pair, even after the warranty period.

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      What are Barefoot Shoes and Why Should You Wear Them Regularly?

      Barefoot shoes support foot health by providing them with the space they need to function properly. They help correct fallen arches, bunions, and other related issues. They are wide enough, especially in the toe area, to ensure comfort and proper alignment.

      The shoe's toe box is shaped to fit the natural form of the foot. Another great feature is that they are made from a very soft and pleasant material that adapts to your feet, making you feel as comfortable as if you were walking on cotton. The sole is soft and flexible, ranging in thickness from 4 mm to 8 mm.

      Our barefoot shoes stand out for their unique materials, which you'll love from the first time you put them on. This is confirmed by the beautiful testimonials from our customers. Shoes from our workshop are most suitable for wide feet, and custom adjustments are also available. We can easily tailor the shoes to your feet, or you can choose your own color combination.

      At LUKS Barefoot, we focus on quality, evidenced by shoes that still look like new even after years of use. Should any problems arise, we are ready to repair the shoes for free, or send new ones, even after the warranty period.